QAFI - Quaternary Active Faults Database of Iberia
QAFI database is an inventory of faults that affect rocks and sediments of the Quaternary period and, hence, they show tectonic activity in the last 2.6 million years. QAFI is a project periodically revised and updated as a result of the progress in the geological investigation of the territory and cannot be complete, just updated on the basis of the available scientific literature.

QAFI database is not a database of active faults as this type of geological structures, which can produce earthquakes, show evidence of seismic activity in the past 125,000 years (cf. Eurocode-8) and only a small fraction of the faults recorded in QAFI meet this requirement. Nevertheless, earthquakes can occur in areas where no active faults were described before either because they were not yet identified or simply because they did not outcrop at the surface.

QAFI database cannot substitute in any way detailed studies for the identification or characterization of seismogenic sources for specific sites, particularly for the design of critical or strategic infrastructure, or for civil protection plans or land management of specific territories. In these cases QAFI main utility is to serve as a platform for guiding further in-depth studies. For fault-specific studies QAFI users are strongly encourage to consult the original sources of information and if necessary contact the main authors or compilers of the data.

Neither the authors of the design, or the compilers and the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) or the Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG, Portugal) are responsible in any case, neither directly nor indirectly, of the consequences that could be derived from the use of the Quaternary Fault Data Base of Iberia (QAFI), both in what respects to the data itself as well as to the cartography of the fault traces. IGME and LNEG are not responsible of the extended information that compilers have associated to particular records.

QAFI v.3 is created for free use under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. See the ABOUT page for properly quote the concept of database, web site or a particular record.

QAFI - Quaternary Faults Database of Iberia
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